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This Thanksgiving, honor Indigenous people

As you take time to celebrate gratitude with your loved ones this week, let's also take time to honor the Indigenous people of our country.

Find out which tribe(s) are indigenous to your area, and what they've endured so you could live there. Online maps like Native Land can help. Once you know whose land you are on, read up on the history of that tribe as written by them to get the full picture of where you live, and extend your thanks and appreciation, either in words or money, to said tribe.

Consume, and more importantly purchase, art, books and goods by Indigenous people. Instead of doing the black friday thing, gift a book or piece of art by an indigenous author to a loved one to show them your appreciation.

Photo by Sami Aksu

Beyond the dinner table, take Thanksgiving day to raise awareness about issues affecting indigenous communities. Find out if there is any legislation in progress in your area that could hurt or help local indigenous people.

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