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See what others have said about JBH Yoga. 

I totally enjoyed my practice last night. You are a very good instructor! Love the props, cues, and even the listening ear! There is no way I could learn and get this individual/ personalized type lesson in a big class. I just wanted you to know it means a lot to me. I know it's your job but I truly appreciate having you on my journey!!!


Thank you so very much for all the time and effort you put into each lesson. Each practice is perfect for me every time!! You are truly a blessing to me.

-Robin St John

Jacqueline is an amazing soul. Her energy and intuition, not to mention how much she cares about people and this planet is incredible. We need more of her light in this world. Thank you for your online videos!

-Monica Murphy

Just reaching out to tell you I've been exploring some more of your videos on the site lately and have been enjoying them a lot! You make great videos. I've been enjoying the meditation ones. 

-Alice Jette

Jacqueline always sets the environment with peace. Other than the yoga poses, I love the intentions she brings to each class. She makes me feel comfortable at the level I am on. It is my practice and it is not judged. She will guide you to deepen your practice and challenge yourself. She is intuitive about the body and what to relax and most important to smile.

-Rose Moore

It's the only form of exercise that I actually look forward to because it not only effects my body but effects my mind and soul. As well, it's something we can share together. Practicing with Jacqueline is like moving to a poem. Every transition is so smooth & well thought out. While the practice can be physically demanding there is always this uncanny peace that fills the room. She's an exceptional teacher on all levels & such a wonderful soul to be around. Do yourself a favor and sign up for her classes, You will not be disappointed!

-Jynne & Mike Harris 

Jacqueline has so many lovely teaching gifts...but my favorite is that her classes will take you there. Wherever you need to go. She allows space for a personal practice even in a class.

-Carol Layton

What a blessing Jacqueline has been in my life! She is the most centered & focused young lady I have ever met! Her instruction is seamless, and she does a fantastic job of helping me continue to grow in my practice. Jacqueline's gentle, calming spirit always leave me with an amazing sense of well-being and encourages me to keep striving to be the best me I can be!

-Cheryl Prevo

I was reluctant to re-try a yoga class after experiencing upper back pain & discomfort from taking a class years ago. However, once beginning the Vinyasa style taught by Jacqueline in Denton, I've had no issues at all- truly a positive mind & body workout.. I would encourage others to step outside their comfort zone and embrace a relaxing yet challenging form of exercise that soothes both body and soul. A super great stress reliever! 

-Carin Nobles 

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