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Photo Diary: Spring Mini Retreat

Our day began with a sense of peace and renewal. We used sage to clear and bless the space, setting the intention for a transformative journey. A guided meditation followed, easing us into the practice and preparing our minds and bodies for an Ayurvedic spring yoga session.

We delved into the concept of Kapha dosha, the dominant force associated with spring. Imagine Kapha as the wet, dense earth after a nourishing rain shower. Governed by earth and water elements, Kapha brings grounding energy. We explored ways to balance Kapha's influence by incorporating the lighter qualities of air and fire. This included staying warm, choosing warming foods, and engaging in activities like decluttering and breathing fresh air.

Our exploration continued with a transformative walking meditation, a scenic 1.5-mile journey. A highlight for many was a chance encounter with a little tortoise! This spirit animal symbolizes staying true to our path, offering a sense of belonging wherever we wander.

Back on our mats, we embraced the positive aspects of Kapha – stability, security, and steadiness – through a restorative yoga series. Props and the earth itself became our allies as we leaned into the practice, finding deep support and grounding.

Finally, we concluded the retreat with a symbolic planting activity. With mindful care and nurture, these seeds, like the growth we cultivated within ourselves, will undoubtedly blossom into something beautiful.

Thank you again for those that joined and were part of this enriching experience!

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