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Outdoor yoga + hike

Throughout the month of August I've been hosting outdoor yoga + hike on Monday evenings. These are donation based classes held at JBH Yoga Barn.

In these classes, we have been exploring ways in which we can incorporate the elements into our practice.

  • Week 1: Get grounded with the earth element

  • Week 2: Wash away tension with the water element

  • Week 3: Stoke your inner flame with the fire element

  • Week 4: Cool down with the air element

  • Week 5: Open to possibility with the space element

I've enjoyed teaching these so much that I am planning to record this series as an online program - hopefully will be available by the new year!

What really makes these classes are the people who join, I am so grateful for reviews like this... "Every Monday night class offers 45 minutes of yoga and a 30 minute hike and a new focus and lesson!! It's such a wonderful time of relaxing, refocusing, grounding, moving, re-energizing, I just can't even tell you all the benefits that you get from taking time for yourself focusing on your mind body and spirit! ” -Robin

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