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Mindful breathing to deal with strong emotions

I really enjoyed this watching this talk from Thich Nhat Hanh on how to deal with strong emotions and wanted to share it, hoping you might enjoy it too.

He starts the talk by saying, "The practice of mindful breathing is very important. We should not wait until the strong emotions come in order to practice. We have to train ourselves with that practice so that when the emotion comes, naturally you'll remember to practice. An emotion is something like a storm, and you feel that it's coming. If you notice that the strong emotion is coming, you prepare yourself in order to to receive it and to handle it."

"You can handle your emotion with the practice of mindful breathing. You have already survived many strong emotions. You don't have to die just because of one emotion. I think that kind of things will help the young person because it would help touch off the insight that already is in him or in her. And just remember, just keep that insight alive and practice deep breathing."

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