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Intuitive Insights: lessons from tortoise

On our recent spring retreat, amidst discussions of Kapha dosha and the grounding forces of earth and water, a wise teacher emerged – a little tortoise ambling across our path. This wasn't a random encounter; the tortoise spirit animal carries powerful messages for those seeking guidance.

The tortoise, with its sturdy shell and unhurried pace, reminds us to stay true to our own path. Don't be swayed by the clamor and expectations of others. Like the tortoise, we carry our home within, a sense of security and belonging that transcends external circumstances. This resonates perfectly with Kapha's grounding energy, encouraging us to find comfort in our own skin.

The tortoise also embodies a deep connection to Mother Earth. When we feel lost or disconnected, invoking the tortoise spirit can help us reconnect with the natural world. Take a walk barefoot in the grass, feel the sun on your skin, immerse yourself in the simple beauty of nature. This reconnection can be a powerful source of grounding and renewal.

The element of water, another aspect of Kapha, is also reflected in the symbolism of the tortoise. Just as a tortoise thrives in both land and water, we too can find balance by embracing fluidity and adaptability. Like the tortoise, we must be able to navigate both the calm and the currents of life.

The tortoise's appearance on our retreat was a beautiful reminder of the wisdom found in nature. Let this wise spirit guide you: stay true to your path, reconnect with the Earth, and navigate life with fluidity and grace. By integrating these lessons, you can cultivate the same stability and groundedness that embodies the spirit of the tortoise.

image of oracle card with tortoise that reads home is where the heart is
This card is from the Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck by Bernadette King

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