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Anything worth doing is worth half ass-ing

This advice may be a little unconventional, but if it's worth doing, it's worth doing halfway.

Maybe you don't have time to paint a masterpiece today, but you can paint for a minute.

Overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning your kitchen? Start by wiping down the counters.

If a 20 minute meditation feels like too much, do 30 seconds instead.

Wish that you journaled more? Open your notes app once a day and type a sentence.

Don't let the fact that you're not doing everything stop you from being allowed to do anything.

Photo by Lum3n

Yoga philosophy says our actions- everything we do in every moment- change us constantly and continually through the law of karma.⁠ The Sanskrit root of karma means "to do or enact."

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that "no effort in this world is lost or wasted." Krishna is not speaking from an external, worldly level, but from a subtle spiritual perspective. Though our effort may not have turned out how we wanted, if our intentions are good, it has not created any bad karma. Possibly it generated some good karma, or even better, we generated no karma.

Furthermore, Krishna states that a little practice goes a long way. We are assured that whatever little steps we take toward enlightenment will have some lasting impact. We are planting seeds that will someday bear fruit. The effort to plant the seed will not be lost, nor will the seed bring any harm.

So, start halfway if you need. Start in a simple way, an easy way, it will take you all the way.

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