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Photo diary: Carolina Beach July 2021

Jason and I got to spend a week at Carolina Beach with his family. If you haven't ever been to Pleasure Island, it really is a gem. My grandmother's brother, who I always called Uncle Frank, had a place at Kure Beach that we used to visit when I was kid - so this area holds a special place in my heart.

Unlike other popular tourist beaches, Pleasure Island really embodies the relaxed vibe you expect from a beach town. We enjoyed walking almost everywhere we went, visiting the local aquarium, eating outdoors, and of course spending lots of time by the water.

I enjoyed rolling out my yoga mat each morning on the balcony to practice and journal. In between dips in the ocean, I enjoyed reading. I started, and finished, a book by Miguel Ruiz called The Voice of Knowledge. The tagline was "a practical guide to inner peace," which seemed like a perfect beach read.

Some other of my favorite activities including riding my scooter to the local book store and picked up a few used books & checking out the area thrift stores. I was also a big fan of the gelato shop!!

Swimming in the ocean was so much fun. For many years, I was too afraid (and would get too sick) to enjoy the salty water. But I have conquered that fear & am so glad I did! Jason taught me to boogie-board and it was a blast riding over the waves.

The best memories I made on this trip was watching the most beautiful full moon rise over the ocean. Starting bright pink before fading to orange, and then eventually white - I can't even find the words to describe how majestic and mystical of a sight it was.

“Doing your best is about taking action and doing what you love to do because it’s the action that makes you happy.”

- Miguel Ruiz, The Voice of Knowledge

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