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Sunset Baby Goat Yoga at Fine Family Farm

This week I had the absolute pleasure of teaching the sunset baby goat yoga class at Fine Family Farm. The Fine Family Farm is located off Highway 49, less than 10 minutes from the JBH Yoga Barn.

Missy and Andy have restored and sustained this family farm from the 1940s. You can actually book a stay at the farm house- they have a wonderful crew of animals to visit along with fishing, gathering eggs for breakfast, or you can try their Pasture Raised Beef for a Farm to table meal.

I was filling in for their normal yoga teacher, Nicole of Grounded For Growth Yoga in Denton. You can visit their website to see the schedule of baby goat yoga classes, or message them about scheduling one!

Our class also happened to fall on the lunar eclipse - an optimal time for avoiding stress and conflict, and finding more quiet time and simple living. I used this for inspiration and kept the class simple - especially in a setting like this, it's important to let go of rigid structure and embrace what the moment brings.

Lucky for us, this class brought lots of smiles, laughter and goat cuddles (and maybe a little goat pee!) After our short practice we spent time just cuddling and playing with the goats, and then Missy was so kind to treat us to Bens' homemade ice cream - I got peach!

Thanks so much to those who came out and trusted me to guide them through this practice, thanks to Missy and Andy for hosting this event and graciously opening us up to their space & animals!

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