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Three months later and still grieving...

It's been 3 months now since I said goodbye to my best friend, my companion, my guardian, and one of the loves of my life - my sweet dog, Izzie.

Those that had the pleasure to meet her may not have described her as sweet, but she was to me. I was her person, and our bond was so special. The past few months, so many wonderful memories have resurfaced of our time together. Memories I will forever cherish.

I wish there would have been more time, more kisses, more walks, more cuddles. But despite how much I miss her, I can't help but be also be filled with gratitude for the time we had together. The love shared hasn't disappeared, it's just transformed.

There's a yogic mantra that brings me comfort in my grief, it translates to:

"That is whole. This is also whole.

From this wholeness comes that wholeness.

Taking wholeness from wholeness, wholeness indeed remains. "

I love you Izzie - and I'll be waiting until we meet again.

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