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Ask for consent, always!!

Yoga teachers, this one's for you. I want to know, are you asking your students if it's ok before you touch them or take a photo of them to post on social media?

If you're already doing this, good, that's exactly what you should be doing. This post isn't directed to you. However, if it's not your habit to ask for consent, I challenge you to ask yourself why, and consider how you can incorporate this into your teaching.

It's so simple. Just ask. The act of giving someone permission to have that control over their own body is POWERFUL.

And maybe consider if there is another way to showcase and celebrate yoga students and their practice besides photographing them in asana?


Even though this post is directed to yoga teachers, this can apply to anyone at any place in their lives. We must take personal responsibility for our words and actions, and realize that even good intentions can harm.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is coming up in April and this year's theme is "I ask." Consider what areas in your life you could be more mindful of asking.

**The above image is from NSVRC's annual SAAM campaign, no copyright infringement is intended.

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