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Yoga Immersion Training

Join Jacqueline for the first online JBH Yoga training!

I believe that everyone can benefit from developing a personal yoga practice. So I am so excited to share with you all, my online yoga immersion training for 2021! 

This is a 10 week course designed to help you understand what yoga really is, how to adapt to the practice to your needs, and establish your own personal practice. 

We'll cover a variety of topics including: the history of yoga, styles of yoga, yoga philosophy, breathing practices and more. 

The training will begin the week of March 15. There will be two weekly sessions - a discussion and a practice. Sessions will last approximately 90 minutes each. (Exact times and dates will be determined closer to March, I want to accommodate to the needs of those who sign up as best as I can.) 

The cost for this training will be $300 - which breaks down to only $15 per session. Payment plans are available! 

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