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welcome to your home studio.

This is an online wellness space dedicated to weaving

sustainable and accessible practices into our daily lives.

New videos every Monday!

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Access our library of wellness practices for just $15 a month. 

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Fall Equinox Retreat

Join JBH Yoga for dedicated yoga, seasonal self-care and walking meditations, all set in the quiet countryside.

Saturday September 23,2023

Denton, NC

Reflect, refocus and set your intentions for the months ahead.

woman lying on a yoga mat with eyes closed, relaxed while covered by a crochet blanket

New guided meditation and yoga practice every Monday!

About JBH

Hi, I'm Jacqueline and this is where I share my love of yoga with you all.

Group classes are a lot of fun, but I believe we really get the most out of our own personal practice. However, practicing at home without the guidance of a teacher can be challenging.


That's why I created the JBH Yoga Online studio -  to help your personal practice grow and develop, both on and off the mat.

Image of Jacqueline, founder of JBH Yoga
yoga teacher assisting student in yoga pose

Schedule private yoga sessions,  meditations & more!

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We hope you find your bliss at home in our online yoga studio.

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