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A Daily Miracle, poem by Dana Faulds

I've always taken inspiration from art - whether it be song lyrics, a painting or a poem. And if you've been in one of my yoga classes you may have picked up on it, as I often share quotes in classes. Years ago, I came across Dana Faulds mindfulness poems and ended many a classes with her words. I check her website often for new work, and was decided to share this recent one with you.

Photo by Jonathan Petersson via Pexel
A Daily Miracle, by Dana Faulds:

"It's not that my mind
has gone quiet,
or my old conditioning
has simply disappeared.
It's not that life's usual
ankle-biters aren't here,
but I've found a place
of peace inside them.
There's space to breathe
and heal and be myself,
even in the midst of
imperfections and an
endless array of unknowns.
I've grown in my ability
to let peace be a present
reality, but it still occurs
to me as a gift, a grace,
and a daily miracle
to be here."


Check out Dana Faulds other works here at

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