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“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” 

Space Clearing/ Blessing

The space in which you live is sacred and yet, it may not always feel that way.


Ultimately, your entire life is deeply impacted by both your living and your work spaces. When you attune to your space, you can call in a deeper relationship to the greater field of health, well-being and sustainability. What’s more, your ability to connect with the currents of abundance, wisdom, health and family prosperity can all be enhanced when your space is harmonious and clear.


That’s where a House Clearing & Blessing session can help. Whether you are moving into a new space either physically or emotionally in your life, experiencing a heaviness or blockage in your environment, or simply feel like your space could use some freshening up; a Space Clearing and Blessing is not only a powerful way to revitalize your space but also to help re-align your own energy.


  • Get through life transitions. We get stuck in transitions between things (jobs, moving to new places, life changes, relationship changes) when there’s not a lot of room to adjust.  It’s like trying to make new friends in a new city when you work 18 hour days.  There’s not a lot of free space to connect and grow.  All life transitions flow much better with clear space.

  • Worry less and live more. The biggest form of self-sabotaging energy I see around me is worry and worry seems to grow like weeds in chaos and disorder and clutter.

  • Save time!  Do you know how much more time you will have if you can focus on what you want to do rather than all the things in around you that are not organized and feel stifled? In my case, its about 10 more hours a week on average that are not wasted.  Notice when you fall into overwhelm and procrastinate.  It may be more often that you imagined.

  • Sleep better.  When the air around you is relaxed and buzzing with peace, its a whole lot easier to sleep.

  • Open your life up to more compassion. The less you have stuff standing in your way, the more you can see beyond yourself and help others.

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What's Included

While we usually will smudge (think sage, cedar, and/or palo santo) your home, your space clearing goes deeper into the energy of what needs to be healed and possibly cleared. For while smudging is an incredibly potent, sacred and effective way to clear a space, the process of clearing goes much deeper into the heart of intention. ​


My House Clearing & Blessing sessions begin with an intuitive read on your space. We will discuss what you are feeling, the history of your space and what your intention for the session might be. My intention and goal for you is that you experience the radiant flow of vitality, prosperity, and love in all areas all areas of your life. It is time for you to shift the energy of your home or office to support and inspire you more fully. ​Pricing for a House Clearing & Blessing varies based on the scope of the session and the square-footage. Consultations are also available.


  • Space clearings are procedures designed to change the qualitative content of an environment. They can be performed to prepare a space or a site for habitation; to revitalize the energies of a space exhausted by use, stress, or suffering; to shift the energies of a space for a new or different purpose, and to dispel malaise, disease, unwanted spirits, or other detrimental forces. Clearings should be performed whenever a negative event (such as sickness, loss of fortune, accidents, death) has transpired that may affect the quality of the space. 

  • In addition, spaces should be cleared regularly in order to insure optimal conditions. The value of space clearing lies in its inherent ability to regenerate and revitalize environments for success. All spaces accumulate energy from their surroundings. This includes cosmic forces as well as the ordinary events of life. Hence, if a space is subjected to positive influences, it will tend to hold that charge and therefore energetically assist those living or working within. On the other hand, negative influences or events will have the opposite effect. Clearings are specifically designed to address this imbalance and to return the space to its original pristine condition. 

  • A Blessing, on the other hand, is a ritual process, usually performed in conjunction with a clearing, in which the practitioner invokes the powers of the Cosmos to aid in creating the most auspicious environment for the performance of the task envisioned for the space. Typically blessings are performed by trained spiritual practitioners and require extensive familiarity with these special powers. 

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