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“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” 


Affirmations are anything that we say or think. A lot of what we normally say and think is negative and does not create good experiences for us. We have to retrain our thinking and speaking into positive patterns if we want to change our lives. When we talk about doing affirmations, we mean to make a positive statement about something we want to eliminate in our lives or something we want to create in our lives. Too often we say, "I don't want this in my life" and we forget to state clearly what we do want. To state "I don't want to be sick anymore" does not give the body a clear picture of the health you would like to enjoy. Nor does saying "I hate this job" produce a great new position. To create the experiences you want, you need to clearly declare your desires. So we need to make very clear positive statements about what we do want.


Affirmations are like planting seeds in the ground. First the germinate, then they sprout roots, and then they poke their first little shoots up through the ground. It takes some time to go from a seed to a full grown plant. And so with affirmations, it takes some time from the first declaration to the final demonstration. So be patient & have fun while declaring your way to a much more enjoyable life.


  • You become aware of your daily thoughts and words, reducing the risk of letting negativity seep in.

  • Daily affirmations not only help keep you surrounded by the things you want in your life but they help bring about more blessings and gifts.

  • A daily practice helps to keep the small things in perspective. In this high-speed world you can easily lose sight of how large the small things really are. When healthy you may forget to think of how much you appreciate it. A simple morning affirmation sentence of “I am healthy” can go a long way.

  • Daily affirmations keep you in a constant state of gratitude.

What's Included

  • Free printable affirmations

  • Customized affirmation cards

  • Personalized affirmation audio


  • Releasing/Cleansing Affirmations: The purpose of Releasing and/or Cleansing Affirmations is to let go of unwanted and unneeded stuff. Especially, they help you let go of resistance. They allow you to purify your system. These affirmations stimulate the release of toxins, such as, negative thought forms, repressed or suppressed emotions, old memories, negative bonds with others, depressing consensus reality, and illusions of all sorts. For many, this is the most difficult of all the five types of affirmations.

  • Receiving/Accepting Affirmations:The purpose of Receiving and/or Accepting Affirmations is to open to allow something to be. They allow us to receive goodness from the Universe. They neutralize the misuse of energy; that is, they can reverse illness or other density. In addition, they help us shift the attention from disempowering actions such as, “getting” or “taking” to more freeing concepts such as, “receiving” and “allowing” and “accepting.”

  • Being/Intending Affirmations: The purpose of Being and/or Intending Affirmations is to ground your purpose, especially your higher purpose. These affirmations enhance conscious awareness of your intention about something or about your mission in life. In addition, these affirmations can deepen your understanding of your reason for being and/or acting generally or in a specific situation. They can be used to enhance any and all actions that follow.

  • Acting/Claiming Affirmations: The purpose of Acting and/or Claiming Affirmations is to bring something into manifestation or to direct the energy of your intention to appropriate manifestation. These affirmationsbring into the physical experience those ideas that you hold in your mind and/or heart. In addition, these affirmations help you to claim your power and establish boundaries in relationships

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